Nisey's  Boutique







Nisey's Boutique is a fun and funky marketplace of hard to find and one-of-a-kind items - from uniquely stylish women's apparel, accessories, and personal care products to transcontinental interior decor. So many "must haves" customers flock to the store.

Nestled in an eclectic cluster of shops on 34th Street right off of Rhode Island Avenue in Mt. Rainier, Maryland, Nisey's boutique welcomes you into a world of international charm and beauty. There are clothes made from natural fibers, designer jewelry with beads, shells and wood, as well as skin, hair and body products all made from natural ingredients with names that sound like exotic delicacies. Exquisite handcrafted items, artifacts, and masks beckon from around the globe. "Everywhere you turn there is something to stimulate your senses", customers rave.  

Nisey's Boutique has been open since 1997.  It's a family affair with owners Lee & Nisey, parents of FIVE and with this in mind at all times, PLEASING YOU PLEASES US!  

For any holidays, and special gift giving times let your imagination take you to Nisey's Boutique for that special gift or personal treat. Call (301) 277-7977 or Fax (301) 277-7947) for a catalog and ordering information.  Or e-mail us for special orders.

Shopping Hours
Mon & Tues CLOSED
Wed,Thurs, Fri 12 - 8pm

10 - 8pm

Sunday 12 - 6pm
ALWAYS OPEN HOLIDAYS! Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.